3 Reasons Why Black Soldier Fly Is Good For Your Pet

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Black Soldier Flies have been gaining traction as an efficient, nutritious, climate-friendly alternative to traditional meat. Black Soldier Flies are also gaining societal acceptance as a pet food source. Using BSF as a protein substitute to commonly used protein sources such as chicken meal and vegetable protein poses both an economic and also environmental advantage. The revolutionary sustainable protein source also opens up opportunities in the pet food industry by creating new jobs and helping reduce the carbon pawprints of our beloved pets. Eating insects may seem novel and new but they are often included in the diets of many wild canines and felines. This article will explore why Black Soldier Flies would be a good protein source for your pets.


  1. Their nutritional value is excellent

Insects are known to be a great source of protein, and black soldier flies are no exception! They are high in protein and are also a great source of calcium and amino acids. Depending on the role they play in your pet’s diet, they provide a great source of energy and nutrients to keep your pets healthy and happy!


  1. Reduce carbon pawprints

We love to provide for our pets in the best way possible. However, pets account for 20% of the world’s meat and fish consumption. This is no small amount and opens up many environmental issues such as carbon emissions, climate change, water, and land usage, and so on. While feeding our pet bugs may seem daunting at first, but when you consider the environmental benefits and how much nutrients BSFs pack, it is clearly a better choice to do so. Join us as we keep our pets healthy and happy while reducing their carbon pawprints!


  1. Promote animal health

Black soldier fly larvae (BSF) proteins are gaining rapid acceptance as high-value protein ingredients in pet food and aquaculture feed formulations. When BSF is compared to chicken meal and fish meal which are commonly used in pet food and aquaculture feed formulation, BSF protein are found to be more effective in promoting animal health and potentially providing protection against cellular damage.


Black Soldier Fly – Insect- based Pet food

Besides being delicious when prepared properly, by having excellent nutritional value and lower environmental impact, Black Soldier Flies pose as an excellent source of protein in our food-insecure world. To top it off, Black Soldier Fly has a much lower feed-to-protein conversion ratio than other livestock hence producing fewer greenhouse gases and lower ammonia emissions. We love our furry friends but we should spare some love for the earth too. If we were to change their diet to include insect protein which is more nutritious and sustainable, we would be taking a step towards a more eco-friendly future. 

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