What is Black Soldier Fly?

Why Black Soldier Fly is the Future Food & Feed

In this content you will learn what is Black Soldier Fly and how they lived and how they are benefit for humans and feeding the world. In this content we are going to elaborate how Black soldier fly will feed the world as future food for the humans or future feed for the animals.

Indochina is well known for insect eating culture. The Economist publish a video about why eating insect makes sense in 2014. It basically summed up that insects comes with high nutrients which is better than meat, easier in breeding them and more sustainable option compare to livestock. So continue reading and we will show you how black soldier fly larvae can feed the world.

What is Black Soldier Fly (BSF)?

A black soldier fly, is also know as Hermetia illucens with its scientific name. They are widespread fly that is not pest like our regular house fly. They stay away from human and commonly can be found in the woods or forest.

Black soldier fly like all insects they play a significant role in the environment where they are one of the best decomposing army by nature. They break down organic substrates and return the nutrients to the soil. Some said they are probably the most beneficial insects after the bees.

One of the most interesting part is when they are adult they do not consume any food but just water and they mate; lay eggs and they died.  The eggs hatch into larvae and feed themselves in nearly a month before they become pupa. Then, they emerge again and the process goes on.

Why Black Soldier Fly?

So why BSF? By understanding its biology life cycle and bioconversion, the BSF larvae are able to convert under utilise nutrients to protein within 10 to 15 days. The larvae is at his highest nutrients at this stage and will consume more to make sure they have enough nutrients to emerge to flies.

1. Good Source of Protein

Black soldier larvae make a great animal feed at this stage and a good source of protein. Depending of food source that been fed to them, black soldier fly larvae are able to convert at least 25% of protein and rich with calcium and other nutrients. Research and papers shows that black soldier larvae could contain up to 60% protein.

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2. High Reproducing Rate

Black soldier fly lay 600 – 800 eggs. Compared to any animal protein that takes longer time on breeding and reproduce. With its much more shorter life span, black soldier fly is faster and more protein to be produce at one go.

black soldier fly cycle
3. Great bio-conversion compared to other livestock

Black soldier fly larvae basically consume any organic waste. They are well know on converting under utilise nutrients to protein. Compared to any livestock breeding which consume much more of feed, the larvae takes any organic waste as their feed. They will grow 200 times of their body mass in 2 weeks and filling up themselves with nutrients they need before they emerge.

4. Better for the Environment

As mention above, the larvae are fed with organic waste. They are the recycling army that converting the food waste into organic bio fertiliser. Creating no waste in the system, the process reduces pressure to our land and water. So if you are environmental friendly user or farmers, Life Origin BSF product are the right product for you.

The Future Edible Food

With the rising population in future, insect protein will become the future. Of course it is hard to imagine that human are consuming protein in larvae form but in fact, insects can be turned into flour. With its high protein and nutrients and speedy growth, it definitely potential to become the future food for human consumption.  Hopefully one day soon, you would be able to purchase BSF larvae flour in a nearby grocery shop.