A Sustainable
Ingredient For The Future

Well-balance nutrition-wise and high in protein, our larvae emphasise in quality and consistency. More importantly, our sustainable compliant breeding process generates a positive impact to the environment and always exceed customer expectations.

Origin Oil ™

Oil that is extruded from our larvae with a high concentration of lauric acid and Omega-3,6,9. It is suitable for use in feed formulation replacement for fish oil, coconut and palm oil or cosmetic use.

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Origin Meal ™

Highly digestible larvae protein extracted from our own-grown larvae with 60% protein content. Suitable functional ingredients for animals, pet and aquaculture feed products.

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Life Soil ™

All natural sustainable organic fertiliser for soil improvement that is rich in nitrogen, chitin and minerals. Promotes growth and defence for natural healthy crops and plants.

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Live Larvae

Dr. Larva Live Larvae is bred under a close and controlled environment. The larvae is fed with formulated feed for stable nutrients.

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Small Larvae

Our 5-8 days old larvae is suitable for small animals like small fishes, mantis, tarantulas and also composting use.

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Air-dried Larvae

Unlike others dry larvae which gone through micro-oven process, our air-dried arvae went through long hours low temperature treatment to preserve the bets nutrients.

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Fish Bite

Fish Bite comes in powder and flakes form which is suitable for younglings, hatchlings and small ornamental fishes and shrimps.

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Shrimp Bite

Shrimp Bite is a sinking granule specially formulated with spirulina for ornamental shrimp to enhance growth and color.

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PROMEGA Insect Oil

Insect oil for oral intake that promotes healthy skin and fur for your pet. Contains high lauric acid profile and Omega-3,6,9 that needed for pet.

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Sugar gliders HPW

Formulated with 100% natural ingredients. Larvae meal and other high protein food grade ingredients offers the best protein needed by sugar gliders.

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PROTIMAX Protein Supplement

Promotes strength and power, muscle gain and immunity growth for your dog. Formulated with Larvae Powder which is highly digestible and sustainable.

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Paw & Skin Balm

Lauric acid is an natural anti microbial ingredient to protect and reduce inflammation and repairing on skin and scalp for better fur.