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Nutritious Animal Feeds.

The excellent source of sustainable protein for aquaculture, animals, pets & human.

The Black Soldier Fly is native to tropical countries. They stay in the forests of Malaysia. They are a non-invasive species that doesn’t sting, nor bite and they stay away from humans. Furthermore, they are a versatile recycling army that basically consumes anything. They grow from a grain of sand to an inch of protein bar within 10 to 15 days. Our process of breeding black soldier fly larvae is done fully indoors.

Their unique bioconversion enables them to convert underutilised nutrition into proteins and good fats. As a result, this makes them excellent feed for animals like fish and chickens. In Life Origin, we grow the larvae at minimal space with the correct temperature and method. Our standard of operation and feeding rates are in fact key in maintaining the highest optimum survival rate and growth of the larvae.

Minimising waste to the land fill by converting them into proteins

We create more than 3,000 tons of food waste everyday in Malaysia. Most of the waste ends up in landfill and yet, we recycle less than 5% of the waste. By harnessing the natural power of the Black Soldier Larva, we are converting these organic waste into protein. We sources and process waste into feed for the larvae subsequently. Due to the right consistent nutrients value, we produce high nutritious larvae as animal feed.

We ensure our stream of supply comes in at the right time, processed and safely stored or mixed into the right nutrient diet for the larvae. The process is done in-house to consequently make sure the quality of the mix is consistent.

Fully indoor breeding system under a controlled and contained environment

In Life Origin, our breeding and cultivation process is done fully indoor in a contained and controlled environment. This help us to minimise variable and ensure the quality of our product. Our process breeding black soldier fly larvae includes in eggs collection by locating them in a controlled mimic environment. We are always pushing our boundaries to increase mating and maximising egg production.

We incorporated our breeding system in vertical farming and IoT to minimise usage of land and capturing data for records. In our process, we separate the 6 days old larvae into different containers. Eventually, we feed these young larvae with ready formulated mixed waste. These remarkable insect will then grow 200 times of they body masses within 10 to 15 days. We are able to harvest the larvae at different stages.

As result, Highly nutritious animal feed & balance compost for the market

With the right breeding method, we are able to harvest different stage of larvae for different market. We sent our products to lab test in badges to ensure the quality of our products. Next, we specifically choose 1% of the larvae and nurture them into strong adults to continue the cycle production processes. This whole system delivers a circular production process that is sustainable.

We sell the larvae in three different form, live, dried or powdered for different customers. We pack and sell the remaining of the larvae as organic fertilisers. These organic fertiliser goes back to the land for plants growth and soil improvement. The whole cycle of this process generates zero waste. It is a proven sustainable farming cycle that highly reduces environment pressure and benefit our environment.

We are Contributing to

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