We Create Environmental Friendly

Sustainable Protein to Feed the World.

Life Origin is a social enterprise focusing on generating positive impact to the environment. We produce environmentally friendly and sustainable protein by using food waste and disposable media.

We believe that nature and insects play an important role in the food system. Black soldier fly will be the key in helping us in the food eco-system. By embracing this nature’s gift, we are able to create more sustainable protein to feed the world.

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Cultivating Future Protein

The rise of human populating will drive the demand for animal protein to increase tremendously in the next 30 years threatening our food security. However, the current way of growing food is unsustainable. We are tearing down our land and destroying our oceans in the process of growing food. This is the very reason why we believe insect protein farming is the way to go as it provides a more environmentally friendly and sustainable protein with minimal land and water usage.

Talking about food waste, did you know that Malaysians generate more than 3000 tons of waste daily and most of that goes to the landfill? We intend to change that so we take in organic waste and industrial disposal media to become the major input of our insect breeding process. Our process generates zero waste while producing organic fertilisers and animal feed.

Alternative Protein Source

In fact, Black soldier fly larvae is the versatile organic waste recycling army. They convert food waste into organic fertiliser for plants growth. Furthermore, they turn themselves into nutritional animal feed for pets, chickens and fish. Hence, we create alternative protein source not just for the animal but also human in the future.

Meet Our Team

Julius Au

Operation Production