Creating Sustainable Protein to Feed the World

More than 100 million years ago, insects started to play an important role in the food web by helping to break down waste, dead animals, and plants for the environment. They are the sole food source for many amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals. Life Origin embraces this gift of nature, utilising it to create a more sustainable protein to feed the world.

Future Feed with Insect Protein

At Life Origin, we are profit-driven social enterprise focusing on delivering impact to the environment. Besides that, we are producing black soldier fly larvae as pet feed and supply feed mills around the world. In fact, our closed-loop zero-waste breeding process turns food waste and disposable media into nutritious animal feed.

We work closely with pet experts and experts in poultry and fish to help us ensure our success in creating the best sustainable feed for the market. Therefore, we are confident in delivering healthy and nutritious black soldier fly larvae for the animals.

Our Advantage

Nutrients Quality

With the right composition & ingredients, we produce the optimal blend of nutrients for the animals.

Process Technology

We operate our process with waste management, larvae cultivation and final production independently.

Sustainable & Eco-friendly

A zero waste close loop cycle contributing to the environment and feed the world sustainably.